Traction for walking tractors, power mowers, tractors is the main feature required by these machineries. Without it, all the other potentiality become quite useless.

Agrizeta ensures grip and traction to your machinery on every type of terrains, whether muddy, slippery, sloping or stony ones. With our solutions you'll be able to take advantage of the whole power of your equipments such as walking tractors, power mowers, motor hoes, tractors and even special machines.

Do you have a beautiful 18HP walking tractor which slips whenever you plow?
Does the tractor have grip problems with wet grass?
Do the wheels have no adherence on bare and stony terrain?

Contact us to understand which between our more than 20 products is suitable for your needs!

Agrizeta, specialized in production and sale of crawler tracks with rubber, iron and steel belts, will meet your demands!